Sunday, August 17, 2008

Homophones are knot equal

So many times eye am reading an e-mail or posting on a bulletin bored and I am confronted with a person who uses the wrong homophone. Sure, the words sound the same, but they don't mean the same thing. I am sure they meant two use the write word, but are just being lazy and relying on there spell-checker too tell them when they dew something wrong. Wee are used too the technology we have, two a point that part of the brain that learned how to reed and right just stops working.

Aye wonder how many of these people have reached a point where they are thinking of the wrong word as well? Is it possible that they ewes these words when they talk? I wood hate to think that this problem has gone that far. It's know wonder that people who dew knot use English as a first language get so confused. Words that sound the same, but have different meanings make it hard to learn hour language.

Won thing that I can say for these least they are still using hole words. The up and coming generation thinks it is gr8 2 use shortcuts when they write and type...KWIM?